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American Election Caimpaign seeks substance rather then spin

Posted by cegan on September 1, 2008

Barack Obama must be put under pressure to start delivering speeches with how he would change America, what are the laws and the legislation that will change America to a nation that does think it can achieve everything it can. What can sustain this into the future? Will he continue to vouch against a free market economy and against free trade agreements? These are the challenges that Obama must seek to look into.

Obama’s negative attention on free trade agreements and pro American jobs will deliver significant isolation to a nation. The consequences for a world that continues to isolate its economy to regions will force the retention of Africa and much of South America and Asia to retain poverty. These are the consequences of an economic decision making process Obama is presuming that most in America will brush over when he claims as he did in Berlin that “put an end to Darfur that puts us all to shame”. Well his policies that will link Economic centralisation in America will do nothing to challenge poverty in Africa. Yet his competitor to McCain has similar questions to be asked

John McCain will be a Republican of a different breed, will essentially change the traditional notion of what a modern day Republican will be. But at a cost, will America maintain its trillion dollar tax cuts that McCain once opposed. Will it reform the gun laws that has been vouchly protected by the second ammendment that Obama has recently claimed will be challenged. These are two issues that seek to define how McCain will change America. He seems to feel he needs to be in touch with every day Americans, yet he seeks to not understand how these trillion dollar tax cuts stop legitimate welfare compensation and infrastructure development to help those of all social classes. Not just the rich, as Bush has been largely criticised for.

These are positions that Americans deserve to know, McCain is concentrated with issues outside of America. Will he understand the framework of change that needs to be done to re-invigorate economic growth and infrastructure in America? End the reliance on cars that has led America to be the highest polluting nations on earth. Will he challenge the tax cuts when he gets into power? It remains to be seen, likewise Obama has questions regarding his spectrum of spin with little developed policy.

Will Obama leave foreign affairs to Biden and change a lot of the foreign policy framework and ignorance of the past. It was only recently after violence in Basra, Obama stated “I don’t really know what happened…I’m not really aware of the violence”. This lack of hand on knowledge and interest in foreign policy is a concern for the world.

If only we can blend Obama’s commitment to end the trillion dollar tax cuts and increase the government welfare of the nation with McCain’s understanding of the world, immigration and a commitment to involve itself in foreign policy not based on populism, but a need to finish the job in Iraq that should never have been started.

Chris Egan

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McCain’s houses really make a difference?

Posted by cegan on August 25, 2008

John McCain is being roundly ridiculed for the fact he has 7 houses. Yet did we not see previously that McCain has accepted government finance for his election caimpaign and it was midway through the primaries when McCain had hardly any money left for his bid for presidency. It puts into question hysteria and judgement over whether or not McCain has 1 or 3 houses. Does he have a mortgage? Is it in trust for his children? How much does he donate to charity? What has he lost over his lifetime to be a politician? Did he get compensation for his years as a prisoner of war? What are these circumstances.

Its easy enough to say that he is out of touch when you look at issues out of context, not being situated in the right framework. Yes McCain is wealthy, so is Obama who is a lawyer that prosecuted against citizens of Chicago that were homeless. Where is the character judgement against him that he is ‘out of touch’ with Americans because he is a lawyer.

The reality is that American presidency is not going to be in touch with everyday americans battling a slowing economy, the credit crunch, high inflation and oil prices. The issues involved in Southern Texas with Mexican immigration flooding into the United States are not an issue in the rest of the country. McCain the senator for Arizona, directly impacted by Mexican immigration, shows he is in touch with Hispanics and their issues with his program for immigration reform in America.

While Hillary Clinton was far more popular with Hispanic voters during the primaries. Does this mean that McCain is more in touch with American society?

No, the reality is American society is so diverse that whether or not McCain has 7 houses or not does not show he is ‘out of touch’ more than Barack Obama

Chris Egan

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An Australian who does not support Barrack Obama

Posted by cegan on August 13, 2008

BLASPHEMY!, Do you support the Iraq War?; You are a right winger?

These are the reactions when as an Australian you say you do not support Obama. To quote my Mum after he won the primaries nomination “Isn’t he President yet”. Indeed upon reflections on talking to American students, Australians are besotted and believe that Obama is the only option for the United States of America.

Forever explaining myself, I look at Obama’s policies behind his motivating talks and it simply does not add up.

Healthcare – Failure of delivering widespread healthcare to all citizens is a cost against humanity a developed nation should not promote, a strong reason behind my support of Hillary Clinton

Trade – Protectionist policies, in one of his pre-Primaries debates he starts talking about Free Trade Agreements with Peru that are a cause of the economic conditions of the U.S.A – Give me a break

Foreign Affairs – Did not pay attention at all to a surge in Basra that was working. “I do not think it is right for me to comment on something I don’t know much about”. Is as wishy washy and contradictory on foreign policy as they can come. Changes like the speed of the wind

You say McCain will deliver tax cuts to the rich, will continue to play the game of tucking up to big business. The reality is that he is a Maverick who has one of the most left wing immigration policies of any man in a right wing party.

He is seeking Latino voters like Bush has never done and is seeking to maintain the free market economy and rather than going backwards on globalisation as Obama believe’s he can achieve.

Yet if you lived in Australia, many think he is the President in waiting and is the messiah for the rest of the world.

McCain is the only sane decision for a world that is increasingly unstable. Maybe it makes it easier to vouch for him knowing he has a fondness for my home city of Perth. But regardless to trust Obama on Foreign Affairs, is a risk not worth taking.

Chris Egan

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