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The Olympic Games more like mass political spin

Posted by cegan on August 16, 2008

The Olympic Games in China has done nothing much to change the worlds opinion on China, nothing much to change the world that China is worthy of being viewed as a superpower. Even with the spotlight on Beijing, political spin has been overworked to such an extent that everyone is sceptical. Everybody is challenging meanings, and as has found nobody is actually believing the messages from the Chinese.

From the venues where fans are synchronised university students who have been given $2 tickets to events on proviso they chant in a specific way to the arrest of a British journalist covering a Pro Tibet protest. Beijing does not know how to authenticate anything, including human spirit and allowing penetration of international media to report freely and responsibly.

Then there is the vacant venues, the greed of corporates being allocated to many seats, while fans who qued and some had cried in despair miss out. Watching CNN a few weeks ago a Chinese citizen was in tears that he did not get tickets for the Olympics. “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity,..It would fufil my life if I could watch an olympics in my home country…I will never ever get to see the Olympics again in China”. This was a man who had qued for days, who was distraught at not being able to attend an event that was do dear to him.

With Corporates getting tickets they do not use, lack of freedom and the lack of authenticity of even the atmosphere in the stadium. It seems more like an Olympics for the certain political agenda of China…

Much like the infamous 1936 games in Berlin. Give me an Olympics without spin London!

Chris Egan

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