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Nick Tana seeks resolution of Hamilton Azzurri fiasco

Posted by cegan on May 7, 2019

Hamilton Azzurri’s ongoing battle with Northern New South Wales Football Federation is a result of the world game stagnating in Australia.

That is the reflection of former Perth Glory owner Nick Tana and proud Italian Australian who formed Perth Glory as a branch of Perth SC (an Italian club) in 1995.

“The soccer fraternity is reacting to the fact that millions of dollars have been spent on promoting our game to be a mainstream sport.  By and large this has been achieved however we are still no better in standard or international competitiveness.  This must improve for our game to compete with the other codes.”

Tana sees no easy solution to Hamilton Azzurri’ s bid to display their Italian flag on their shirt.

” I am proud of my Italian heritage but am firm on the fact that any ethnic bias cannot be part of our game.”

How Australia weaves through the complexity of migrant stories is one of the great challenges in Australian Soccer.

“How you deal with discrimination is a difficult one but the admin must resolve it to ensure we don’t go back to the dark days.”

By Chris Egan

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