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The final battle

Posted by cegan on October 29, 2017

The final battle will see Steven Lowy head to Melbourne tomorrow to keep the Kimon Taliadoris led Football Federation Victoria to its commitment to back the Lowy regime in Wednesday’s D Day EGM.

In a high stakes game, the kingmakers are now heading back to the table after a purge occurred on Friday. Football Federation Victoria made members of their management staff re-apply for their roles – members who were influential in the one vote Presidential victory for Kimon Taliadoris.

This did not go down well and the agreements that were signed have now put the game back into unpredictable turmoil.

While I still believe the connections Kimon Taliadoris has with Steven Lowy and the Hakoah Football Club will ensure he keeps his commitment, the purge on Friday has resulted in new unpredictability.

One source has said that Lowy will “want to ensure their spine doesn’t melt”

This commentary is familiar to the conversations had during the NSL, where Nick Tana would continually despair about football being decided by allied based systems which ensured spineless decisions.

If Kimon wants to be seen as a leader, reversing his decision because people are upset is not a great sign of strong leadership.

If he is to reverse his decision, he will forever be led by the powerbrokers, rather than leading in his own right.

By Chris Egan

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