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November 1st D Day should deliver victory to Lowy

Posted by cegan on October 16, 2017

November 1st, the D Day that should see Steven Lowy claim victory in the brutal congress war. While months ago A-League club’s expected FIFA to take over the running of Australian Football, it will now deliver Steven Lowy another term as Chairman.

The only challenge to this  narrative is if the Kimon Taliadoros led Football Federation of Victoria reverse their vote at the EGM. This would be unexpected considering the links and ties between Kimon Taliadoros and Steven Lowy.

While November 30th was bandied about as the day that FFA needed to get a consensus vote through via an EGM, the timeline was actually a lot shorter .

FIFA was preparing to run the game in Australia from November 1st. Within A-League club circles November 1st was seen as D-Day.

It was the confidence of the combatants that was so surprising when I met them. A few months ago there was no variables, A-League clubs were going to get the prized scalp of Steven Lowy . The Congress was less about negotiations and more about removing Lowy.

The A-League club’s agreed on a strategy to have a united position that Lowy would never agree on. Push and be inflexible to negotiations that would  deliver an unpalatable option for Lowy. This would ensure he would stand down or have the A-League club’s use their increased power to reform Australian Football in their vision, away from the scrutiny of the Lowy regime. A regime scared by the past experiences of the NSL.

It was this confidence that has left the A-League clubs scrambling for another strategy as reported by many in the football media.  These clubs did not expect the unexpected to be revealed which would distort their ambitions from becoming reality.

Steven Lowy did.

Lowy has a rather romantic view of the fourth estate and he was waiting for extra information to call an EGM. When Lowy received the information on the disturbances in Western Australia via this blog , he acted quickly.

Without the information on the desires for the WA rebel clubs to begin a national second division, the whole trajectory of this war would have gone down the pathways predicted to me a few months ago during meetings with some A-League clubs.

One where there was no vagaries to the view that they had defeated Steven Lowy.

All players have been wheeling and dealing, not just the state federations. Victoria have a generally accepted view as Kingmaker from all sides and may get a third A-League side secured via deals to secure their vote at the EGM on November 1st.

This is not historically unusual, Perth Glory was created via the Soccer Administration of Western Australia having the Kingmaker role in the 1995 Election.

It will take something extraordinary for the trajectory of history to be shifted away from a Lowy victory.

By Chris Egan






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