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Why the civil war won’t go on forever

Posted by cegan on October 15, 2017

There are many who are claiming that Australian Soccer’s Civil War will go for a while. I have my doubts.

On Saturday I appeared on radio and I spoke about the issues that have led to this crisis and the historical context this civil war is situated in amongst the plethora of battles the world game has had.

From my sources, we are in the post-battle. The A-League club’s see that it is going to be increasingly difficult to get rid of Steven Lowy and that even if they get NSW State Federation to vote with them at the EGM on the 1st November, it is unlikely Victoria votes against a consensus agreement that was made just a few weeks ago with other Member Federations.

The next few weeks will be heated, but my concern is that we learn nothing from the war to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Will A-League club’s talk about the NPL structure and the lack of money being returned to the grass roots clubs? Will the FFA acknowledge the NPL system is not meeting KPI objectives that would be set in a corporate world that many of the board directors operate in?

But most critically, what does FIFA do to unite the troops? My understanding is that FIFA will side with the FFA in this crisis. There is no good v evil battle in this war,  just club’s all around the country angry and trying to shape the game in their vision.

I understand that FIFA will come to the conclusion that 9-4-1-1 is the best result you can hope for in a climate such as this one. It will accept the argument that Lowy has made to make it even broader than his adversaries have presented. If implemented we will start to see a congress that better represents all Australian’s, rather than those with the most amount of money.

While I may be wrong, those who are still fighting for a revolution to occur, would be better off trying to reform the game to service the five year old kids and power chair participants at the bottom segments of the game.

These are the members of the community whose voices are rarely listened too in a game which has the elite making decisions without consultations with the mere commoners who dominate the football landscape in this country.

By Chris Egan


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