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Victoria/NSW see the Lowy regime as a handbrake on the Games’s growth

Posted by cegan on October 12, 2017

The Victorian and New South Wales State Federations are desperate to get rid of Steven Lowy. It has been a balancing act to deliver a result quickly and support the reduction in power for Steven Lowy.

The power games that come from Football Federation Australia are all encompassing – it is a bit like one of those managers that look over your every move.

The NSW and VIC Federations, financially and in the whole picture of soccer are going nicely. While Victoria’s player participation has levelled off over the last few years it is because they have run out of pitches.

I do wonder what the FFA are doing about this?

In any deals that the Victorian Federation look to swap in order to vote for the Lowy regime in the EGM, scrapping the NPL and working on the infrastructure defecit within our game nationally would be a good one to start with.

It’s a hallmark of our game where we ignore the biggest problems and tackle issues where the powerbrokers have their own self-interest.

NSW and VIC State Federations do have the best interests of their constituents at heart.

This is not about Promotion/Relegation, A-League Clubs for these states, its about the freedom to grow the game and not have the Lowy regime looking over their shoulder in every decision they make.

Other states have bigger issues to worry about and thus they have no difficulty in siding with the Lowy regime.

By Chris Egan




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