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Just when I thought the war was over

Posted by cegan on October 11, 2017

The Australian Soccer Civil War has become even more bizarre. Just as I expected that the situation had settled to a foregone conclusion I received information Wednesday Night that the Victorian and New South Wales Member Federations have reserved their votes.

Lowy at this point in time does not have 75% of the congress to pass through the resolutions from the Extraordinary General Meeting.

Where does this go?

So many twists and turns over the last week, I really do not know.

Do NSW and VIC Federations want to be kingmakers?  How will the other Member Federations react to the news that NSW and VIC have now ‘reserved’ their votes upon a full board meeting on the issue.

For the NSW and Victorian boards, FIFA are not happy and the letter of a few weeks ago that has been brandished around is no longer relevant to the current status of the war.  The proposed rebel competition in WA has shifted their attitudes significantly.

The battlelines that currently split the game will leave a permanent legacy on our game’s future. Trust will take a long time to be re-built.

Whoever becomes the victor in this mess, will lead a code in utter disarray.



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