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Steven Lowy may have survived the war

Posted by cegan on October 9, 2017

Steven Lowy has called an Emergency General Meeting for the 30th October 2017. In a turn that surprised Member Federations, late Monday afternoon Lowy called an EGM based on two issues.

  1. The Congress and the makeup of the Congress
  2. The AAFC’s role in the disturbances to create a rebel league in Western Australia

On this, Lowy sees that he will survive as the State Federations will back him in on the sanctity of the national competition. It will also spell the end of a national second division to be incorporated quickly.

One source has said that Lowy will tell FIFA that it will impart congress reform over time which will be accepted.

While a few days ago Steven Lowy was on rocky ground, it looks as though he has survived this brutal war. The court challenge from Adelaide United, if conducted is not expected to win in court.

I hope Steven Lowy learns from this experience and I will be earnestly critiquing the processes of reforms within Australian Football which must come.

If Lowy can not reach for better governance and transparency within the game he must give a timeline for his own departure. We can not afford another experience like this to rock the game.

By Chris Egan

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