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The major battles in Australian Football

Posted by cegan on October 8, 2017

So this blog is to outline the current fights within Australian Football. There will be some I am not aware of, but these are the major battles at present.

Lowy/SA,QLD, ACT, TAS v A-League, VIC, NSW,AAFC, PFA – On Congress discussions the allies have been done on this break up over the past few months. It did incorporate WA but there may be changes coming due to the warfare between some of their clubs and the governing body. If the FFA backed alignment loses Western Australia it will make it more difficult for the national congress to be shaped in Lowy’s image.

Football West/WA v AAFC – While AAFC are not technically involved in this fight, it involves Western Australian AAFC clubs who have signed up for a national second division. One of the Directors of AAFC is also the chairman of the NPL Standing Committee which are locked in tough negotiations with Football West.

It may influence Football West’s decision making for the warfare that is occurring on the congress makeup. This should come to the fore in the next week. If a Rebel League comes out of this, it creates new variables for the end results of this war – there will be a sanctioned national second division if the A-League club’s win increased power. WA will be the first domino to fall in the AAFC’s national strategy. While AAFC don’t want media attention, Western Australian club’s are desperate to get rid of the oversight of their state federation. Football West will be consumed with this battle overiding the national congress issue.

Federal Government v AAFC/A-League/Some State Federations

The Federal Government want to keep Lowy in power. They want to ensure their legacy is presevered.  It is in their interest to do whatever they can to prevent the revolutionaries winning.

More variables will come out, but the next week will see interesting developments occur in Western Australia which will influence the next moves nationally.

Getting rid of Lowy is not a silver bullet to an end of the fractures and division.

This warfare could become a prolonged event.

By Chris Egan








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