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The modern Australian – I have a dream

Posted by cegan on August 18, 2009

I have a dream that our nation will look at our near neighbours and understand them before travelling overseas

I am being melo-dramatic. But heck, guys Im frustrated by all of my mates love affair of Europe. This occurs after being a frequent traveller to our neighbours. Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and soon to be Papua New Guinea.

These have much to offer, they know Rudd, they know Australia. Do we know them? No we would prefer to go back and have a drunken travel throughout Europe on a contiki tour designed to be drunk and party. An expensive party I might say.

Yes I have been to Spain, Qatar and Chile next July. But I have special interest in my near neighbours. Those nations that I can act as a role model. This is my dream

Understand our role and our region. Let us not disregard that we are a nation in the asian/Oceanian region. Let us not highlight our anglo-saxon racial history to the forefront. Let us not forget the wealth of excitement that our near neighbours have to deliver to our society.

Whether travelling through the mountains of the Sumatran island, or looking at villagers who have never seen a white person ever. To the open and friendliness of people inviting us into their homelands. Their knowledge of Rudd in a small town of Tembilahan.

To reading about Malaysia’s international revolution. The critique of Australia from influential public leaders in New Zealand, to the police state of Singapore. To the basketcase that is Papua New Guinea

To understand our region, to look at it as a foreign mission to discover our region and who we are. We are not European, we are part of Asia and Oceania.

Its time to stop snubbing our nose and embrace our near neighbours

I have a dream that we become modern Australians, not interested in travelling through Europe…rather our near neighbours as the priority!

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New Zealand relationship set to get tighter

Posted by cegan on August 18, 2009

The Australian has been reporting it, but nobody else. A cabinet meeting with New Zealand, flights into and out of New Zealand from domestic airports. Strong, massive changes in the relationship. Yet Australians are not being told about this in the media.

Why not?

There is a conception that New Zealand offers little to Australia. Little to foreign affairs and that they are our little brother.

But is this true?

I digress a little, but New Zealand formulated our nuclear policy in the 60’s and 70’s , our welfare state for the first half of the 20th century and have delivered strong public influence in civil affairs.

So they have done much to formulate what we value in Australia. Sure they are in recession, sure they have sheep. But heck I expect a cabinet meeting with Keys and leading economic ministers to be of interest to the Australian public.

I guess not, we are building on a strong relationship. A joint cabinet meeting

What does Australia say?


But does this relationship tell us a lot of the relationship. I was in Wellington at an Anglican church service a few years ago, the pastors message was let us not sell our soul to the bottom dollar. That Australia’s drought, natural disasters was behind greed.

Would we indeed even care behind the foreign policy of New Zealand? No. Did we care about Keys and the election caimpaign? No

Despite what happens in New Zealand being of much importance to ongoing trade, social and economic ties, we are ambivalent.

On Friday, even if the conventional media have not made it a big deal. A very important day in relations between Australia and New Zealand take place.

Joint cabinet meeting, looking at siding and helping each other out at a time of need.

So rather than say meh, find out about our little brothers across the ditch.

They are far more important to the history and politics of our nation throughout our history, to disregard that they will not formulate and influence our path into the future

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